Brown Rockfish


Brown Rockfish is a fish of the bass family, it is sauted in butter or olive oil at high heat skin side up and served with a homeade salsa.


Translations: Brown Σκορπιοί, براون Rockfish, Brown ropušnice, Brown bodião, Brown sébastes, ブラウンロックフィッシュ, Brown rockfish, Brown ropušnice, בראון Rockfish, Браун Рокфиш, 브라운 Rockfish, ब्राउन Rockfish, Brown Peix de Roca, Браун Рокфіш, 布朗罗克菲什, Brown Havskatt, Браун Роцкфисх, Brown Dragehovedfisk, Brown rockfish, Brown Pescado de Roca, Браун Rockfish



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