Amish Deer Tongue


Amish Deer Tongue lettuce, named for it's triangular leaves, is a great lettuce for the home gardner with a wonderful taste and good to eat both full grown and as baby lettuce.


Translations: Amish Deer mēles, Amišai Deer Liežuvis, Amisze języka Deer, Amish हिरण भाषा, Língua Deer Amish, Амишей язык Дир, Amish Tongue Deer, اميش الغزلان اللسان, 아미쉬 디어 혀, Amish Jelení jazyk, Amish Deer wika, 阿米什鹿舌, Lengua Venado Amish, Amish Jelení jazyk, Deer Tongue Amish, אייל אמיש לשון, Амисх јелена језик, アーミッシュディアータン, Langue Deer Amish, Llengua Cérvol Amish, Амішей мова Дір, Амишите Deer език



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