Zinfandel Grapes


Zinfandel Grapes, which are also known as Zin, are a red skinned variety of wine grape very popular in California. The wines produced from Zinfandel grapes have an intense fruitiness and a luscious texture. Zinfandel grapes can produce a wide range of wine styles including sweet White Zinfandel, light-bodied red wines, full-bodied dry red wines and sweet late harvest wines.


Translations: Zinfandel Vīnogas, Zinfandel Vynuogės, Zinfandel Struguri, Zinfandel Grožđe, Nho Zinfandel, Winogron Zinfandel, Zinfandel Druiven, Zinfandel अंगूर, As uvas Zinfandel, Зинфандел виноград, Zinfandel Σταφύλια, عناقيد عنب كاليفورنيا, 진판델 포도, Zinfandel bobulí, Zinfandel Anggur, Zinfandel mga ubas, 仙粉黛葡萄, Zinfandel Raïms, Zinfandel Grozdje, Zinfandel bobúľ, Le uve Zinfandel, ענבי זינפנדל, Zinfandel Druvor, Зинфандел грожђа, ジンファンデルブドウ, Cépages Zinfandel, Zinfandel Trauben, Zinfandel Druer, Zinfandel Druer, Zinfandel Uvas, Зінфандель виноград, Zinfandel Viinirypäleet, Гроздето Zinfandel



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