A pheasant is a large long tailed and brightly colored game bird that has a unique flavor ideally suited for grilling. Pheasant, like most wild meat, has a low fat content and can be very dry if overcooked. This is why many pheasant recipes call for adding fat to keep it moist.

Pheasant is available wild or more commonly farmed. Farm raised birds have a little more fat and a milder flavor. Most store bought pheasant is cleaned and prepared for cooking. If you get a whole fresh bird with feathers on, consider hanging it up to age for a few days to allow the oils in the feathers to travel into the meat adding flavor and moisture.


Other names: Guinea Hen
Translations: Fazāns, Fazanas, Fazan, Fazan, Chim trỉ, Bażant, Fazant, तीतर पक्षी, Faisão, Фазан, Φασιανός, الدراج, 꿩, Bažant, Pegar, Ibon na mahaba ang balahibo, 野鸡, Faisà, Fazan, Bažant, Fagiano, פסיון, Fasan, Фазан, キジ, Faisan, Fasan, Fasan, Faisán, Фазан, Fasaani, Фазан



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