Veal is the meat of a young cattle mostly male calves from dairy herds.

Common cuts often come from leg of veal. Most commonly sliced thin and pounded for use in dishes like Veal Scaloppine, Veal Piccata, and Weiner Schnitzel


Other names: Veal Top Round, Veal Cutlet
Translations: Teļa gaļa, Veršiena, Viţel, Teletina, Bê, Cielęcina, Kalfsvlees, वील, Vitela, Телятина, Κρέατος, لحم العجل, 송아지 고기, Telecí, Телетина, Karne ng guya, 小牛肉, Vedella, Telečje meso, Teľacie, Carne di vitello, עגל, Kalv, Daging sapi muda, 子牛の肉, Veau, Kalbfleisch, Kalvekød, Kalv, Ternera, Телятина, Vasikanliha, Телешко месо

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: In Ontario, consumers have the choice of purchasing and cooking with either grain or milk fed veal. Each type provides a uniquely distinct flavour and texture. Look for veal that is non-fibrous with a fine grain. Milk fed veal should be creamy pink in colour. Grain fed veal should be reddish-pink. Any fat cover should be milky white. Always look at the packaged date and the best before date when selecting veal from the meat case. Packages should be securely wrapped with no signs of leakage, should be cool to the touch and free of any tears or punctures in the wrapping. Do not purchase any veal that looks “off-colour” i.e. grayish-green.

Conserving and Storing

Refrigerate fresh veal as soon as possible after purchase in the meat compartment or in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Store prepackaged veal in its original wrapping and use within two days; or freeze and use within one to two weeks. For longer freezer storage, over-wrap package with freezer wrap. If veal has not been prepackaged in plastic, remove market wrapping paper, rewrap meat loosely in waxed paper or foil (tightly in the case of variety cuts and ground veal), and refrigerate. Use ground veal, stewing veal and variety cuts within one to two days, and all other cuts within two days. Frozen veal should be placed in the chest freezer or freezer compartment of your refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase.

Storing cooked veal:

Veal can be refrigerated in a tightly covered container for four to five days or frozen up to three months. If necessary, you may also leave veal that has been cooked to cool covered for two hours before refrigerating. If there is hot gravy on the veal, do not store it in quantities larger than one quart. Drain off the gravy and allow it to cool separately. If the veal is stuffed, remove stuffing and store separately.

Freezing veal:

Only freeze veal that is fresh and in top condition. Package veal into meal-size portions (chops/steaks/patties) using foil, plastic wrap or double thickness wax paper. Trim excess fats from cuts, and wherever practical, remove bones to conserve freezer space. Do not season ground veal before freezing as this can cause rancidity. Freeze gravy and stuffings separately from cooked veal. Wrap veal tightly in freezer wrap and label with name of cut, weight or number of servings and date, and freeze as quickly as possible, at -23 C (-10 F) or lower. Keep frozen veal at -18 C (0 F) or lower and use within recommended storage period. Freezer burn is caused by loss of moisture on the surface of the food. Meat which has freezer burn will have a dry, discoloured surface and when cooked will be tough and bland tasting. Avoid freezer burn by packaging frozen veal properly and use within three months of purchase.



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