Thai Chili Pepper


Small peppers that are about an inch long and very hot. They are green then turn red when ripe, but they are often mixed together for color.


Other names: Birdseye Chili Pepper, Birdseye Pepper, Prig Kee Nu, Thai Chile, Thai Chile Peppers, Fresh Thai Chile Peppers
Translations: Taju čili pipari, Tajų čili pipirai, Tajlandski Chili Pepper, Thái Chili Pepper, Chili Pepper tajski, Thaise Chili Pepper, थाई मिर्च मिर्च, Tailandês Chili Pepper, Тайский Чили Пеппер, Ταϊλανδικά Chili Pepper, التايلاندية الفلفل الحار, 타이어 칠리 페퍼, Thajská Chili Pepper, 泰国辣椒, Tailàndia Xile, Tajska Chili Pepper, Thajská Chili Pepper, תאי צ 'ילי פפר, Тајландски Цхили паприка, タイチリペッパー, Tailandia chile, Тайська Чилі Пеппер, Thai Чили пипер



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