Muscovado Sugar


Muscovado is a dark, unrefined sugar with coarse grains and a sticky texture. Its flavor comes sugarcane juice left in during refinement, as opposed to removed completely to make white sugar. Muscovado sugar similar to brown sugar, which is refined sugar with molassas added back in, though many people consider the flavor of muscovado to be superior. Brown sugar works fine as a substitute.


Translations: Neattīrīts niedru cukurs Cukurs, Muscovado Cukrus, Muscovado Zahăr, Muscovado šećera, Đường chưa lọc Sugar, Cukier muscovado, Muscovadosuiker, Muscovado चीनी, Açúcar mascavo, Сахар неочищенный тростниковый сахар, Muscovado Ζάχαρη, Muscovado السكر, Muscovado 설탕, Muscovado Cukr, Muscovado Gula, 黑砂糖糖, El sucre mascabado, Muscovado Cukor, Muscovado Zucchero, Muscovado סוכר, Muscovadoråsocker, Мусцовадо шећера, マスコバド糖, Muscovado sucre, Muscovadoråsukker, El azúcar mascabado, Цукор неочищений тростинний цукор, Muscovado Sokeri, Muscovado захарта

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Brown sugar


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