Wild Boar


The Wild boar is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. They are not native to North America, they are originally from Europe and was brought here by Spanish explorers. They are large and compact, with colors ranging from dark grey, brown, to black. An adult male grows upward tusks from 3 to 7 inches long.

Wild boar meat is incredibly lean and flavorful. It should be cooked at lower temperatures than other meats and overcooking should be avoided. The rule of thumb is it should be cooked "low and slow". When preparing wild boar meat for cooking, never thaw or cook this in the microwave, as it will become very tough and dry. Slowly thaw and marinate it overnight for best results.

Wild boar is excellent barbecued, baked or roasted (250-275 degrees fahrenheit), or smoked.


Other names: Boar, Wild Pig
Translations: Mežacūkas, Šernas, Mistreţ, Divlja svinja, Wild Hợi, Dzik, Wild zwijn, जंगली सूअर, Javali, Кабан, Αγριόχοιρος, خنزير بري, 멧돼지, Kančí, Дивља свиња, Wild bulugan, 野猪, Senglar, Kanc, Cinghiale, טאראראם, Vildsvin, Celeng, 猪, Sanglier, Wildschwein, Jabalí, Кабан, Villisika, Глиган

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Pork



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