Xynotyro Cheese


An unpasteurized sheep's milk or goats milk whey cheese from the island of Myconos in Greece. It has a hard and flaky consistency, a pungent aroma, and a yogurt-like sweet and sour taste. "Xynotyri" means "sour cheese" in Greek. Traditionally the cheese is drained and cured in reed baskets or allowed to mature in bags made of animal skin.


Translations: Xynotyro Siers, Xynotyro Sūriai, Xynotyro Brânză, Xynotyro sira, Xynotyro Kaas, Xynotyro पनीर, Xynotyro Queijo, Xynotyro сыра, Ξυνότυρο Τυρί, Xynotyro الجبن, Xynotyro 치즈, Xynotyro Sýry, Xynotyro Keju, Xynotyro奶酪, Xynotyro Formatge, Xynotyro Sir, Xynotyro Syry, Xynotyro Formaggio, Xynotyro גבינה, Xynotyro Ost, Ксинотиро сир, Xynotyroチーズ, Xynotyro fromage, Xynotyro Queso, Xynotyro сиру, Xynotyro Juusto, Xynotyro сирене

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