Eucalyptus trees are quick growers and many species reach a great height. Eucalyptus amygdalin (Labille ) is the tallest known tree, specimens attaining as much as 480 feet, exceeding in height even the Californian Big Tree (Sequoia gigantea). The leaves are leathery in texture, hang obliquely or vertically, and are studded with glands containing a fragrant volatile oil. The flowers in bud are covered with a cup-like membrane (whence the name of the genus, derived from the Greek eucalyptos well-covered), which is thrown off as a lid when the flower expands. The fruit is surrounded by a woody, cupshaped receptacle and contains numerous minute seeds.


Translations: Eikalipts, Eukaliptas, Eucalipt, Eukaliptus, Cây khuyên diệp, Eukaliptus, युकलिप्टुस, Eucalipto, Эвкалипт, Ευκάλυπτος, شجرة الكينا, 유칼리 나무, Eukalypt, Uri ng halaman, 桉树, Eucaliptus, Eukalyptus, Eucalipto, אקליפטוס, Еукалиптус, ユーカリ, Eukalyptus, Eukalyptus, Eucalipto, Евкаліпт, Eukalyptus, Евкалипт



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