Candy Roaster Squash


This heirloom squash was originally developed by the Cherokee people in the southern Appalachians. The 'Candy Roaster' name was probably a traditional name for the species in order to maintain some degree of varietal purity as different varieties can cross-pollinate at distances of up to a mile, whereas different species will not cross even when grown side by side. This variety enjoys continued popularity, particularly in the southern Appalachians.


Other names: Candyroaster
Translations: Candy grauzdēšanas Skvošs, Candy Orkaitė Skvošo, Candy cuptor Squash, Candy pržionica Squash, Candy rang Squash, Squash Roaster Candy, कैंडी भुनने का यंत्र स्क्वैश, Squash Roaster Candy, Сквош Конфеты Roaster, Candy Squash ψήστης, حلوى مشوي الاسكواش, 캔디 로스터 스쿼시, Candy pražírna Squash, 糖果焙烧炉壁球, Candy esquaix Asador, Candy pražarno Squash, Candy pražiarne Squash, עוף לצליה קנדי סקווש, Candy Kafferostningsföretagen Squash, Цанди роштиљ Сквош, キャンディロースタースカッシュ, Squash Rôtissoire Candy, Candy risteri Squash, Candy roaster Squash, Candy squash Asador, Сквош Цукерки Roaster, Candy Kahvinpaahtimoiden Squash, Скуош Кенди много горещ ден

Physical Description

It ranges in size (from 10-250 pounds) and color (pink, tan, green, gray, blue, orange) and shape (round, cylindrical, tear drop, etc.). Most, however, have fine-textured orange flesh.

Colors: pink, tan, green, gray, orange, blue

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