Melinda Tai

Obviously you know I love to eat and cooking is one of my passion. I am not a cook by profession and all my recipes are sometimes created on the spur of moment and some based upon my memories. As a little girl, I often helped my mother in the kitchen and watched her cooked our daily meals. She never kept a journal of her recipes and she told me that she learned how to cook just by helping her mother in the kitchen. Now that I am a mother of two grown kids who love to eat, I wanted to impart all my cooking ideas to them. Hence, my blog...and more blogs.

I chose the name for my blog, "Mz.Tasty: food's the universal language to friendship" because food to me is a part of our life and friends is one of them. To be able to share my cooking to someone is my joy and pleasure. The name Mz. Tasty was given to me by a friend of my son at a party last year when he jokingly gave me this name. I like the name and thus it got stuck with me.


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August 2, 2011
August 2, 2011