Sally P

I’m a forty-something, mother-of- two and a jack of all trades. I write a blog as a place to write about food and share things, mainly food related, that interest me and I hope will interest you. I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is a multi-cultural city and the restaurants and ingredients in the shops reflect this. Even though I have over 70 cookbooks and I always find an excuse to buy just one more. My family say they aren’t fussy about food but they are. I’ve been waiting for 11 years for my vegetarian daughter to grow out of being an extremely picky eater, my teenager won’t eat fish or anything resembling fat or a bone and my husband has to have things with a sauce. My two border terriers will eat anything. I love to cook for friends (is that surprising given the daily reception of my cooking?) and I always try out new recipes when they come over (the more the merrier).

My custard pie refers to my love of the yellow stuff and the shaving foam variety. Life’s like that isn’t it?