Tracy Sarich

Tracy Sarich is a contributing editor to She began writing about food to document her family’s food traditions and celebrate their special brand of craziness. Now, she writes about food in order to inspire home-cooks to feel confident and comfortable at their stove. She lives by the mantra “if you don’t like (some food), you probably haven’t had a good one.” She finds inspiration from blending the flavors of her mom and grandmother’s kitchen - incorporating foods from Croatia, Slovania, South Africa, India, England, Malaysia, the U.S. – and finding ways to inspire others to try new flavors and enjoy foods that they thought they might otherwise not like. When she’s not at the stove and writing about food, she works as the Executive Director of Children’s Trust Foundation, tries to keep her energetic border collie, Sugar, busy and well-fed, spends time exploring the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island with her husband, John Chase, on their Sailboat (“Valerie May”, named after her culinary-marvel Mom), and spends entirely too much time in local food markets, grocery stores, and farmers markets looking for inspiration.