Richard Blaine

I have been cooking for my family since I was 13yrs old. I am a new upstart food blogger my blog is geared toward people that like to cook, but that may be lack some foundation and knowledge that I will be presenting in video modules. As time goes by I will be producing video tutorials on knife sharpening and basic culinary knife cutting techniques as well as my video recipes. I have been in the cutlery industry for over 30yrs and knives and knife use and maintenance is my specialty. I will cover cutlery extensively on my blog.

Just like everyone else I have favorite foods!.........All of them! I truly love just about everything I eat and therefore do not have just one favorite. I love food from all over the world. I am an avid fencer of foil and saber and I love my pet Cockatiel Gizmo. I hope in time to gain a following on my blog and hopefully people will find what I am presenting to be helpful in some way.