Joe Mcpherson

After a stint as co-producer on "The Thom Hartmann Program," I decided to check out Korea for a year, since I really enjoyed my Korean history courses in school.

I've found the lifestyle here so invigorating that I don't see myself returning to the States anytime soon. Since then, I've had some success as a food writer, blogger and podcaster. I've written for 10 Magazine, SEOUL Magazine, The Korea Herald and various publications in Korea. I've also gotten to be in The New York Times (2x) and helped put together the Korea episode of "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" for the Travel Channel.

In the process, I've met some amazing people (especially the one I'm married to), eaten some amazing food ($150 X Burger) and have had some once-in-a-lifetime unique experiences (starred for two seasons on a Korean children's TV show).

Life is good.