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Hi all viewers welcome to my food site..hope you enjoy.
To tell you frankly about me i was never interested in cooking .
I remember when i was in Noida working i use to call one of my best friend home for Lunch/Dinner and end of the day she cooked for me.

No doubt my mother and mother in law are excellent cooks but i always tried to run away from COOKING.I had just no confidence that i never even dared to enter their kitchen fearing that they will ask me to learn .

Till i got married the only thing i could make is tea and Maggi (I love having that till date).I remember after marriage it was just me,hubby and his sister and i had to cook hhahah everyday i had bruise on my fingers ( Imagine i could not even chop vegetables) .My hubby and sister started helping me to chop and internet helped me to try new recipes.I did fairly a good job.

You can say again luck favored me and there was no more cooking for me coz i conceived and got busy with my my relieve had a cook. When my kidoo was 2 years and we shifted to Manila YOU GUESSED RIGHT I WAS LUCKY ONCE AGAIN...had a maid who could cook INDIAN FOOD .

Wait Wait thats not the end .... thanks to MY HUSBAND extra busy schedule that i decided to kill time and the only way i could do is shopping .But in few days i got over bored by that time i got addicted to TOP CHEF AMERICA and started trying my hands on cooking.



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August 2, 2011
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