Question: Are Gala Or Fuji Apples Good For Baking

January 15, 2010



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Fuji apples are juicier and seem to bake quite well. The final result may not be excellent, but they seem to hold well during the baking process. We have two apple trees (gala and fuji) in the yard and they make great tasting apple pies BUT there is too much water and of course the buttom crust is a wipe out. I have tried over cooking (as much as 2 + hrs at 400) and dumping water duing this time (not fun) then the apples are not good and there is still moisture. I have tried pre cooking the appples on the stove top w/ the normal ingredients, added 1/2 cup of water to get it started and when the apples started to get soft I removed 2 1/2 cups of water, (was some left but there needs to be some juices) baked the assembled pie at normal temp.;10 min @ 400 and 1 hr at 350-same bad results too much water and a lost bottom crust. Have tried apple crisp and is better cause no crust but still watery, applsause is good and does good as a sub. for oil in baking, but nothing beats a good apple pie. I have a lot of these and they do taste good just don't look for the bottom crust. I like to stock pile these in the freezer (which doesn't change the problem) and they are getting ripe (have deer standing in line to get some) so please help.