Question: asian root vegetable

January 2, 2011
I recently purchased a root vegetable at asian market (thougt it was possibly celery root (egg shaped and "hairy" ) but when cooked (only a few mins) it tasted very much like a potato. Does anyone know what it is called & how to use it the best way??


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It could have been Japanese Taro Root other names for it are Dasheen, Araimo, Cocoyam, arrow root, kalo, sato imo, gabi, patra, woo tau. It would taste a lot like a potato. They make good chips if you thinly slice & fry them.
You can use it in soups, stews, cakes ect.

Celery root is usually a little round, bumpy and has that nice celery fragrance.

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I think you are asking for Turnip (Shaljam/Shalgham), comes in yellow, pink at top layer