Nature’s Holiday Anti-Freeze: Meyer’s Apple Gløgg


7 centimeters (3 in) vanilla bean
4 whole cloves
4 whole allspice seeds
1 organic apple…diced with skin, ok
almonds (raw) …I like to use either sliced or slivered
calvados (optional)


Melt half of the sugar in a pot over medium heat and allow it to caramelize to a pretty golden color. Add the spices and warm them up in the caramel. Take the pot of warm sugar and add the vinegar and possible a little water if the vinegar cooks completely away. Afterwards add the apple juice, dried cranberries and the rest of the sugar.
Gløgg will become better if you allow a day or two for the spices to mingle. Just filter before adding the cranberries and apple.
Warm the gløgg up again(see personal serving note below). Right before serving a cup to your guest, add a slice (or small diced pieces) of apple along with some almonds.
OPTIONAL) Add a half cup of calvados to whole batch a little at a time to taste allowing each half cup to heat up before you add more.
PERSONAL SERVING NOTE: I like using an old mid-century stainless steel fondue pan and the heat stand. Not only does it look damn cool; but, the scent fills the room with amazing aromas. Plus, the capacity is just right for heating up enough to satisfy your guests since all you need is just a little half-cup serving for everyone.




A few year ago I stumbled upon this recipe by our cousin Claus Meyer and have enjoyed it ever since as an alternative to the red wine classic by our mother. It’s a wonderful cider version that you surely will make again and again to aid in keeping warm on those cold holiday nights.
Here is the recipe modified a bit by me for you.
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