Steak Salad With Roasted Potatoes and Fennel


1 1/2 pounds steak, 1 inch thick (I use fillets)
5 mediums new potatoes
1/2 a shallot, roughly chopped
1/4 cup mayo
5 oz, arugula leaves


Preheat the oven to 425*. Cut the stalks off the fennel bulb—save the stalks for another dish or stock-making. Cut the bulb in half through the core. Remove the core, then slice the bulb vertically into 1/3 inch wedges.
Cut the new potatoes in half length-wise, then slice them into 1/8 inch semicircles.
Lay the potatoes on one rimmed baking sheet and the fennel on another. Drizzle both sheets with oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss the potatoes and fennel and spread them out in a single layer. Place in the oven. Roast the fennel for 20-30 minutes. Roast the potatoes for 30-40 minutes flipping once.
Meanwhile, preheat the grill to high heat. Drizzle the steaks with oil, then liberally salt and pepper.
In the blender, puree the shallot, mayo, vinegar, Dijon, oil and honey until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste. Prepare 4-6 plates by piling them with arugula leaves. When the grill is ready, cook the steaks 2-3 minutes per side for medium-rare. Allow the fillets to rest for at least 5 minutes under foil. When the steaks have rested, slice them on a bias.
To plate: Drizzle the creamy red wine vinaigrette over the arugula. Place a pile of potatoes on the greens, followed by several slices of steak, followed by the roasted fennel, topped with a sprinkling of golden raisins.




A lovely dinner salad, even the most “meat-n-potatoes” guy can appreciate!




Monday, May 10, 2010 - 8:37pm


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