Baked Egg Linguine With Onion, Scallion, and Umame


I start by mincing my onions and scallions, and setting my water to boil for my pasta. I also grate my cheese and butter my two 8oz ramekins.
I get 2 tbs butter melted in my large saucepan, and add my onions. I sweat these out just until softened.
I then add about 2 tbs of flour, which I mix well with the butter and onions to form a roux. I cook this for a few moments, until fully incorporated and just turning a wee bit tan.
I then add my heavy cream, and bring this to a simmer. See how it’s thickening up? NIIIIICE.
In goes most of my shredded cheese (I save some for garnish, and for Clayton to pick at), which I stir in well. I then lower the heat, and let this simmer until thick. I salt and pepper it to, until it tastes just right.
I’ve been cooking my linguine on the back burner, and at just slightly undercooked, it’s ready to add to the sauce. I reserve my pasta water, too, so that – if this gets too thick – I can add a little starchy wetness to the pan until the sauce is the right consistency.
The last ingredient to add to the pan is my abundance of sliced scallions (reserving some for garnish, too). I toss this in, remove from the heat, and stir well before…
Swirling my pasta into my waiting ramekins, using tongs to make a nice nest for…
The addition of a single, cracked (but not the yolk!), farm fresh egg for the center. This goes in my 350 degree oven, on middle shelf, for 10 minutes to bake – just until the whites are set, but the yolk is still runny.
Oh, I also split a nice small loaf of french bread down the middle, spread it with hot melted butter, and top it with shredded robusto cheese. I put this in the oven, too, on the top shelf, and let the cheese melt and toast while my eggs are setting.
Right before service, I sprinkle some black truffle oil (Thanks, Tom!) and some black pepper salt over the dish, just to add that umame savor that separates this meal from any ol’ linguine alfredo. Served with my toasted cheese bread for sopping, I pierce the quivering sun in the middle of my creamy pasta tresses, and I dive into this hot, simple, elegant, perfect little meal. 30 minutes + very few ingredients = utter weeknight dining perfection!




Friday, April 22, 2011 - 4:17pm


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