Technique: Tenderizing


Tenderizing is a process to break down the tough muscles or collages in the meat. There are several methods to tenderize meat:

Chemical process - marinading the meat with some acid or powder tenderizers
Mechanical process - you can tenderize a meat by using a tenderizing mallet. You can improvise and pound meat with a variety of heavy objects, including a frying pan. There are also a number of devices that either puncture the meat or make many small cuts as a mechanical way of tenderizing.
Slow cooking: by subjecting meat to a relatively low temperature, e.g. less than 300 degrees, for long periods, collagen will also breakdown.


Other names: Tenderized, Tenderize
Translations: Μαλακώνοντας, التليين, Attendrissage, 軟化, Zartmachen, Intenerimento, Skruszania, Mals, Mehčanje, לריכוך, Ablandamiento, 嫩, Тендеризинг, Ablaniment



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