Technique: Pricking


Method of piercing a food, casing, or wrapping with tiny holes to allow liquid or air to escape. This is often necessary to prevent a food from exploding during cooking. Effective tools include toothpicks, skewers, forks, and the tips of small knives.


Other names: Prick, Pricked
Translations: Durstīšanas, Badymas, Răsădirea, Bockanje, Sự đâm, Kłucia, Prikken, शूल, Picada, Покалывание, Τσίμπημα, الوخز, 따끔따끔 찌름, Přesazování, Боцкање, Pagsundot, 刺, Punxant, Peckanje, Presádzanie, Pizzicore, דוקרים, STICKANDE, Penusukan, うずき, Piqûres, Stechen, Prikkende, Stikkende, Punzante, Поколювання, Пробиване



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