Technique: Barbecuing


Another dry heat method used to cook food by burning hardwoods such as hickory and mesquite or by the charcoals of these woods.

This method of cooking involves placing food on a grill or spit and cooking it over hot coals, usually with a seasoned marinade or basting sauce.

It should be noted that this method is low and slow. Low heat, around 225-degrees F and slow cooking, up to 6 hours for a slab of ribs.


Other names: Barbecue, Bar-B-Que, Bbq, Barbecued, Bar-B-Q
Translations: バーベキュー, الشوي, Grilovanie, Grillausta, Faire un barbecue, Roštiljanje, Grillieren, Grilování, Barbecue, Grillu, Memanggang, Barbecueën, 바베큐, Grilling, Barbacoa, Assar, 烧烤, Grillning, Grill, Роштиљ, Barbacoa



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