Technique: Rotisserie Cooking


A rotisserie contains a spit fitted with a pair of prongs that slide along its length. Food (usually meat) is impaled on the spit, and the prongs (which are inserted on each side of the food) are screwed tightly into place to hold the food securely. Many ovens and outdoor barbecue units have built-in electric rotisseries. This type of cooking allows heat to circulate evenly around the food while it self- bastes with its own juices.

-adapted from The New Food Lover's Companion, fourth edition


Other names: Spit Roasting
Translations: Rotisserie kulinārija, Rotisserie Kulinarija, Rotisor de gatire, Rotisserie Kuhanje, Rotisserie Nấu ăn, Rotisserie Gotowanie, Rotisserie Koken, Rotisserie पाक कला, Rotisserie Cozinha, Rotisserie Кулинария, Ψησταριά Μαγειρική, المشواة الطبخ, Rotisserie 요리, Rotisserie Vaření, Memasak alat panggang listrik, Rotisserie Pagluluto, 烤肉店烹饪, Asador Cuina, Rotisserie Kuhanje, Rotisserie Varenie, Girarrosto Cucina, Rotisserie בישול, Grillspettet Matlagning, Ражањ за печење кување, ローティッセリーリーグクッキング, Rôtisserie de cuisson, Rotisserie Madlavning, DRIKKE Cooking, Asador Cocina, Rotisserie Кулінарія, Rotisserie Keittäminen, Шиш готвене

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