Technique: Sponge Method


A technique of mixing dough in a two stage process to produce more flavorful loaves. The first stage involves mixing a small amount of water, flour and yeast together first and giving it some time to ferment. The sponge is then mixed in with the rest of the ingredient.

Loaves produced this way requires shorter fermentation time, allow for more flexibility in timing (the sponge can be held in the fridge for longer time), develops a better flavor and requires less yeast.


Translations: Sūklis metode, Sponge metodas, Metoda burete, Spužva Metoda, Phương pháp Sponge, Metoda gąbka, Spons Methode, स्पंज विधि, Método Esponja, Губка Метод, Σφουγγάρι Μέθοδος, الإسفنج الأسلوب, 스폰지 방법, Houba Metoda, Сундјер Метод, Punasan ng espongha Paraan, 海绵方法, Mètode d'esponja, Sponge Metoda, Huba Metóda, Metodo di spugna, ספוג שיטה, Sponge Metod, Metode Sponge, スポンジ方法, Méthode éponge, Sponge-Methode, Svamp Metode, Svamp Metode, Método de esponja, Губка Метод, Sieni menetelmä, Гъба метод



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