Technique: Planking


A technique which involves cooking food, especially fish over a plank of aromatic wood such as cedar or cherry. This method of cooking is thought to be a fore-runner of the popular barbecue. Food cooked by this method is infused with the flavor of the wood on which it is cooked.


Other names: Plank, Planked
Translations: Dēļi, Klojinys, Căptuşeală, Daske, Sự lót ván, Opierzenie, Planken, तख़्ते, Forro de madeira, Доски, Σανίδωμα, ألواح خشبية, 판자 깔기, Prkna, Даске, Pagtakip ng tabla, 木板, Tablaje, Deske, Dosky, Tavolato, לווח, PLANKBEKLÄDNING, Papan, 板張り, Planches, Beplankung, Plankerne, Tablaje, Дошки, Laudoitus, Талпи



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