Technique: Cold Smoking


Cold smoking is a method of preserving food, typically fish and meat, where the smoke is cooled before it is introduced to the smoking chamber. This prevents the food from actually cooking, but gives it a smokey flavor. To achieve this, smokehouse temperatures for cold smoking should be maintained below 100°F/38°C.

One of the most common cold smoked item is Salmon Lox, which is usually salted, cold smoked, and thinly sliced before serving on bagels with cream cheese.


Other names: Cold Smoked, Cold Smoke
Translations: Auksti Smēķēšana, Šalto rūkymo, Fumatul rece, Pušenje Cold, Lạnh không hút, Cold palenia, Koud roken, धूम्रपान करने ठंडा, Quartos Fria, Холодного копчения, Ψυχρό κάπνισμα, التدخين الباردة, 콜드 흡연, Studená Kouření, Dingin bebas, Cold paninigarilyo, 冷吸烟, Fred fumadors, Cold Kajenje, Studená Fajčenie, Di affumicatura a freddo, הקרה עישון, Kall Rökning, Хладна пушења, コールド喫煙, Fumage à froid, Kalträuchern, Koldrøgning, Kald røyking, Ahumado en frío, Холодного копчення, Kylmä Tupakointi, Студената непушачи



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