Technique: De-Seeding A Pomegranate


1.Fill a deep bowl with at least four cups of water.

2. Slice open a pomegranate into quarters.

3. Immerse each quarter of the pomegranate in the water and break open the spongy honeycomb membrane of the pomegranate, allowing the seeds to fall to the bottom of the bowl and the spongy pith to rise to the surface. Continue with each quarter until all the seeds are resting at the bottom of the bowl of water.

4. Toss out the spongy pith. The little bits of pith with continue to float to the top. Skim the little bits and discard. Drain the water. Voila! Clean pomegranate seeds.

This is a great tip when you want to sprinkle pomegranate seeds on a salad or as a garnish. Also a great technique when you want to add a couple pomegranate seeds to a glass of sparkling wine.

Looking for a way to beat the winter fruit doldrums? The curious pomegranate may be your answer. Researchers in Israel found pomegranates to have flavonoid antioxidant activity that rivals green tea and red wine.

You'll only see these funny fruits October through March, so get the goodness of pomegranates before they're gone.


Other names: Pomegranate, How To Remove Seeds From A Pomegranate, How To Prepare Pomegranates
Translations: De-Sējmašīnas Granātāboli, De-Sėjamosios Granatai, De-Semanatoare o rodie, De-Seeding nar, De-giống A lựu, De-Seeding Granatowy, De-Seeding een granaatappel, De-सीडिंग एक अनार, De-semeadura de uma romã, De-высева граната, De-σπορά Α Ρόδι, دي البذر والرمان, 취소 심는 석류, De-Setí Granátové jablko, De-Pembibitan A Delima, De-Seeding Ang isang granada, 德播种石榴, De-Sembra d'una magrana, De-Seeding Granatno jabolko, De-Siatie Granátové jablko, De-Seeding Una melagrana, De-מתזמן רימון, De-Seeding ett granatäpple, Де-сеединг Нар, デはシードザクロ, De l'ensemencement Une grenade, De-Seeding Ein Granatapfel, De-Siembra de una granada, De-висіву граната, De-Jako Granaattiomena, De-засяване нар



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