Technique: Baking


Cooking food by surrounding it with hot, dry air, usually in an oven. This technique is very similar to Roasting, but baking is the preferred term applied to vegetables, breads, fish, and pastries.


Other names: Bake, Baked
Translations: Cepšana, Kepimo, Coacerea, Pečenje, Bánh, Pieczenie, Bakken, पकाना, Cozimento, Выпечки, Ψησίματος, خبز, 탈 것 같은, Pečení, Печење, Pagluluto sa hurno, 烘烤, Cocció, Pečenie, Cottura, אפיה, Bakning, Pembakaran, ベーキング, Cuisson, Backen, Bagning, Cocción, Випічки, Leivonta, Печене



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