Technique: Twecipes


Twecipes are the latest internet trend in the foodie world. So what is a twecipe? Twecipe- A micro-recipe written in 140 characters or less. Sometimes cryptic. Sometimes open to interpretation. Always textable and tweetable.

My First Twecipe. This morning I decided to write and tweet my very first twecipe. According to NYMag's Grub Street, it's the cool thing to do since Martha and Rick Bayless are doing it! My very first twecipe went something like this:

"Twecipe: Acai Grn Smothi 1.5C acai jce 1C soymlk 1C frznblubry 1 frznbana 1T agave 1C cocoIce 1 scoop grn pwrdr - Blnd til smoth! :) *vgn"

more info:


Other names: Tweeted Recipe, Micro Recipes, Twecipe
Translations: Твеципес


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