Technique: Pressure Cooking


Pressure cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel that does not permit vapor or large amounts of liquid to escape below a preset pressure - usually 15psi for stove top models (some are adjustable for less) there is no set standard for electric models. The increased pressure reduces cooking time (sometimes by 70%%), the sealed vessel keeps vitamins and minerals and thusly flavor from escaping (sometimes 95%%), and the added efficiency can save cooking gas (one recipe usually spends only $0.01 of gas).

With a pressure cooker you can:
• Brown – this is the first step in many recipes, like risotto, and can be done before or the lid is placed, or after it is removed.
• Boil – just add enough water to cover the food by half.
• Steam - insert the accessory, or a metal-foldable steaming basket with 1/2" of water.
• Braise – brown the food in the pan, and then add cooking liquid (wine, milk, broth, water).
• Stew - throw everything in and close the top.
• Roast – place the meat and vegetables inside with just 1-2 cups of cooking liquid.
• Reduce – after the lid is removed, cook on high flame to reduce liquids if desired.
• Water Bath – place a heat-resistant bowl (ceramic, Pyrex, stainless steel), covered in aluminum foil on steamer basket inside pressure cooker with 1 cup of water on the bottom.


Other names: Pressure Cook, Pressure Cooked
Translations: Spiediena Pavārmāksla, Slėgio Kulinarija, Presiune de gatire, Pritisak Kuhanje, Nấu ăn áp lực, Gotowanie pod ciśnieniem, Koken onder druk, दबाव पाक कला, Panela de pressão, Давление Кулинария, Μαγειρική Πίεση, الضغط الطبخ, 압력 요리, Vaření za vyššího tlaku, Притисак Кување, Presyon Pagluluto, 压力烹饪, Pressió de cuina, Pritisk Kuhanje, Varenie za vyššieho tlaku, Cottura a pressione, סיר לחץ, Tryckkokning, Tekanan Memasak, 圧力調理, Cuisson sous pression, Trykkogning, Presión de cocina, Тиск Кулінарія, Painekeittämistä, Налягане готвене



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