Tool: Bordeaux Glass


A type of wine glass that showcases both young and mature Bordeaux wines, intensifying their supple texture, layers of bouquet and long finish.


Translations: Bordeaux Stikla, Bordo Stiklas, Bordeaux sticlă, Bordeaux staklo, Szkło Bordeaux, Bordeaux Glas, बॉरदॉ ग्लास, Бордо стекла, Μπορντό Γυαλί, بوردو الزجاج, 보르도 유리, Bordeaux sklo, Bordeaux Kaca, Bordeaux salamin, 波尔多玻璃, Bordeus Cristal, Bordeaux sklo, Bordeaux Vetro, בורדו זכוכית, Bordeaux Glas, Бордо стакла, ボルドーグラス, Bordeaux Glas, Burdeos Cristal, Бордо скла, Бордо стъкло



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