Tool: Hand Blender


Often used to smooth the texture of soups and sauces without removing the product from the pot.


Other names: Emersion Blender, Stick Mixer, Emulsion Blender, Wand Blender, Hand Blnder
Translations: Rankiniai blender, Ručna miješalica, Máy xay sinh tố cầm tay, Blender strony, हाथ ब्लेंडर, Ручной блендер, Χέρι Blender, ومن ناحية خلاط, 핸드 블렌더, Ponorný mixér, 手搅拌机, Mà Blender, Ročni mešalnik, Ponorný mixér, בלנדר יד, Стране Блендер, ハンドミキサー, Mélangeur à main, Stabmixer, Mano Blender, Ручний блендер, Sauvasekoittimella, Ръчно пасатора



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Very versatile and easy to use. Not as powerful as a full sized blender.