Tool: Barbecue Turner


A barbecue turner has a long handle to keep your hands protected and away from the heat when grilling. The wide blade is ideal for turning and serving meats and vegetables.


Other names: Barbeque Turner, Bbq Turner
Translations: Bārbekjū Turner, Grilis Turner, Gratar Turner, Roštilj Turner, Grill Turner, बार्बेक्यु टर्नर, Churrasco Turner, Гриль Тернер, Μπάρμπεκιου Turner, الشواء تيرنر, 바베큐 터너, Grilování Turner, Barbekyu Turner, BBQ Turner, 烧烤特纳, Barbacoa Turner, Žar Turner, Grilovanie Turner, גריל טרנר, Роштиљ Тарнер, バーベキューターナー, Grill Turner, Grill Turner, Barbacoa Turner, Гриль Тернер, Grilli Turner, Барбекю Търнър



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