Tool: Beer Stein


A beer stein is a traditional beer glass in Germany for a large beer, about a liter. Beer steins are made from glass, pewter, earthenware or stoneware. You will often find beautifully decorated and ornate beer steins with hinged lids usually with a thumb lever.


Other names: Tankard, Beer Mug, Steinkrug, Stein
Translations: Alus Stein, Alus Stein, Bere Stein, Pivo Stein, Øl Stein, Пиво Штайн, البيرة شتاين, 맥주 스타인, Pivo Stein, 啤酒斯坦, Cervesa Stein, Pivo Stein, באר שטיין, Öl Stein, Пиво Стеин, ビールスタイン, Steinkrug, Øl Stein, बियर Stein, Cerveza Stein, Пиво Штайн, Olut Stein, Бира Stein

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