Tool: Butterfly Whisk


A whisk that has wires that are flat on the bottom and spread out like wings on its sides. Rather than rounded as with a traditional whisk, the flat base allows for more surface scraping.


Translations: Butterfly Noslaucīt, Butterfly Šluotelė, Bateti fluture, Leptir Prhnuti, Motyl Oderwij, Butterfly Klop, तितली Whisk, Бабочка Виск, Πεταλούδα Απάγω, فراشة المخفقة, 나비 털다, Butterfly Metla, Butterfly Kocok, Butterfly palisin, 蝴蝶打蛋器, Batre la papallona, Butterfly mešalna metlica, Butterfly Metla, Butterfly Frullino, פרפר מטרפה, Butterfly Vispa, Делфин Умутити, バタフライ泡立て器, Fouetter Butterfly, Butterfly Piskeris, Butterfly Visp, Batir la mariposa, Метелик Віск, Butterfly Vispilä, Пеперуда Уиск



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