Tool: Egg Perfect Timer


I found this great tool at Crate and Barrel. You can't lose with this one. Makes a perfectly cooked egg every time. From soft boiled to hard cooked. You just have to watch it and it will tell you when your eggs are ready. See my recipes for more info. I'm a fan!


Translations: Olu Perfect Taimeris, Kiaušinių Perfect Laikmatis, Ou Perfect Timer, Jaje Perfect Vrijeme, Trứng hoàn hảo Timer, Egg Timer Perfect, Egg Timer Perfect, अंडा सही घड़ी, Egg Timer Perfect, Яйцо Perfect Таймер, Τέλεια αυγό χρονοδιακόπτη, البيض توقيت مثالي, 계란 완벽 타이머, Vaječný Perfektní Timer, Telur Timer Sempurna, Egg sakdal timer, 蛋完美定时器, Ou Perfecte temporitzador, Vaječný Perfektný Timer, Egg Timer Perfect, ביצה מושלמת טיימר, Савршен јаје Тајмер, エッグパーフェクトタイマ, Egg Timer Perfect, Egg Perfekt Timer, Huevo Perfecto temporizador, Яйце Perfect Таймер, Egg Perfect Ajastin, Яйце Perfect таймер

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