Tool: Barbecue Fork


A long-handled fork that keep your hands protected and away from the heat when grilling. Elongated prongs get a firm hold on heavy foods and are perfect for testing the consistency of meat.


Other names: Barbeque Fork, Bbq Fork
Translations: Bārbekjū Fork, Grilis Fork, Gratar Fork, Roštilj Fork, Wózki grilla, बार्बेक्यु कांटा, Churrasco Forquilha, Гриль-Форк, Μπάρμπεκιου Fork, الشواء الشوكة, 바베큐 포크, Grilování vidlice, Barbekyu Fork, BBQ Fork, 烧烤叉, Barbacoa Forquilla, Žar Fork, Grilovanie vidlice, Barbecue Forcella, גריל מזלג, Роштиљ Форк, バーベキューフォーク, Grillgabel, Grill Fork, Grill Fork, Barbacoa Tenedor, Гриль-Форк, Grilli Fork, Барбекю Fork



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