Tool: Clay Baker


A baking dish made from clay. This method preserves the moisture of the food as it cooks. Entrees, side dishes, and desserts can be prepared using the clay baking pot. Flavors blend and meld beautifully and become very rich.

Care must be taken in cleaning clay pots because they are very porous and would absorb soap. After using, rinse and scrub with salt and a nylon scrubber, and then rinse again and let dry thoroughly.


Translations: Māls Baker, Πήλινο Baker, Molis Baker, الطين بيكر, Clay Barreto, 粘土ベーカー, 클레이 베이커, קליי בייקר, Ler Baker, मिट्टी बेकर, Clay Бейкер, Clay Бейкер, 粘土贝克, Глина Бејкер, Клей Бейкър




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