A Cup of Tea

February 4, 2008

I love tea. A nice cup is a fine way to start the day. Or end it.

It's perfect when you...

have just come in from the cold and need to shake off the shivers,
are far from home and don't want to be,
want to enjoy a long chat with your dearest friends,
feel under the weather,
snuggle under a blanket with your love and pop in a movie,
need a hug from your mom and she's not around

Right now I'm fighting some feisty little virus so I made a cup of vitamin-C rich Red Zinger, swaddled myself in a warm blanket and am comfortably snuggled with my cat, Sofie, in the crook of my arm. That's penicillin right there.

For some very interesting reading on all things tea (and written by someone who isn't sick in bed) check out the Tea Blog by Gary Gause, founder of Dragonwater Tea.

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Dreama's picture

I just figured out how to leave comments!! YEA

Elizabeth's picture

I concur, except for the cat part as I'm allergic. :)