Why Write About Food?

February 6, 2008

I've been asked why I write about food and not travel since we travel so much. Well, I do try to marry the two at times, but why not food? I'm an expert, I eat everyday! To some people (usually the people who ask me why I write about food) food is just a means of fueling the body and not a source of pleasure. To me, food goes far beyond a simple basic human need. It's an art, a passion, a sensual experience. All of your senses are activated by food: appreciating the way something is presented, inhaling the aromas, feeling the textures in your mouth, tasting the sumptuous flavors, hearing it bubble away in a pot.

I love the way the smell or taste (or both) of something delicious can transport you back in time. Whenever I smell raisin bread baking I immediately remember the bakery below my language school in Siena, Italy. We smelled the bread baking each morning as we walked to class, and on our break at around 10 a.m. we would go to down and buy hot-out-of-the-oven slices to go with our cappuccini. That was in 1989 and to this day when I smell raisin bread I am right back in Siena. I can taste that bread, feel its warmth and smell it's yeasty-raisin aroma wafting up that little Tuscan street. Heaven.

I take such great pleasure in knowing that something I've created will make someone happy. Words aren't necessary, just a simple, "mmmm" and I know my work was done. I also equally enjoy and appreciate the time others spend in their kitchens creating a meal. Even a simple soup can be, to a cook, a masterpiece that they worked on all day. Give kudos to their fine work.

There's something so gratifying in a long evening spent at the dining room with friends and family, lots of good wine, a delicious meal and great conversation. You think you're full, but then, well, maybe just one more little bite of that...

So that's why I write about food. It makes me feel good in so many ways.

There are many great writers (and photographers) out there in the blogosphere that creatively document their love of all things food, below are just a few of my favorites. I always look forward to reading what's new in their culinary world. I hope you do, too.

Lucy's Kitchen Notebook
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Enjoy your meal tonight and savor every bite.

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Bread.....I could live on bread alone....well maybe need some cheese too!! I'm glad you write about food :)

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You are so right about how a smell or tast can transport you to another place or time. I remember that smell too and wish we could be back in Siena right now. Thanks for bringing back this happy memory.

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Food should be savored like a good wine. That is what I am always told. Most people rush their meals and eat just to fuel the body - but you are right...its more than that. I do not think many people realize just how much their body's react to the food they eat - and not just by decreasing hunger pangs!

I am glad you write about food too, I learn so much from this blog.