When Short and Fat Is All the Rage

May 2, 2008

"Get those skinny ones out of here and bring in the short, pudgy ones!"

Would that not be great if that is what we heard at Parisian fashion shows? Sigh, how life for women would change. But, alas, I speak not of fashion models, the plump beauties I'm talking about are Spanish Marcona almonds. These are the voluptuous Rubenesque sister of the regular almonds of which we are all familiar, and are blanched to reveal their creamy white skin. They also contain a higher fat content making them velvety and mild.

Long preferred as the almond of choice by chefs, Marconas are also quickly becoming the hot item to serve at swanky bars for noshing enjoyment. And the fat lady sings.

Oh, and get this, there is as much linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid good for your heart and circulation - in two almonds as there is in two and a half pints of milk! That just makes my heart go pitter patter.

Try this delicious sounding recipe for Spanish Tortilla with Almond Romesco from MyRecipes.



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Those almonds are my favorite, so it is comforting to know they are good for you. Fabulous photo!!

Dad's picture

A favorite snack of mine!!

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Im nuts about almonds! My mom used to say, eating nuts is good for the brain :) I like em a little toasted too!