Pa Amb Tomàquet

June 2, 2008

There is a Spanish restaurant, Iberia, in Menlo Park, California that we used to love to go to for tapas. One of my favorite things to have was pa amb tomàquet. Catalan for "bread with tomato," pa amb tomàquet is simple to make and simply delicious. It consists of toasted bread rubbed with tomato and is sometimes accompanied or topped with sausage, ham, anchovies, grilled vegetables or cheese. My favorite version at Iberia is served with a layer of hand-sliced cured ham, which is cut off of a beautiful leg perched on the bar.

This easy appetizer, or meal if served with salad, takes no culinary skill to prepare. Simply toast slices of a good quality bread, cut a tomato in half and rub it on one side and lay a slice or two of prosciutto on top.


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Just another idea for a tasty and healthful breakfast: A simple and traditional way to prepare pa amb tomàquet it's to rub (not too much not too strong) garlic on that good quality bread (I like it slightly toasted) Then rub tomato, and finally pour olive oil all over it. A touch of Maldon salt is really appreciated.
If you have to serve more than one, you can prepare the mixture in advance: Cut tomato and grate it (unless the skin) over a bowl, mix it with a little olive oil. Then spread it like marmalade on your bread. Leave garlic, olive oil and salt on the table.

Que aproveche!