Colorful Cauliflower

June 9, 2008

Kids have it so easy today. They get shuttled to school in cushy SUVs with Sponge Bob playing on the DVD player (my brother and I cross-country skied 2 miles to the bus stop in the winter).

Their toys are impeccably scrutinized by safety officials (we threw lawn darts and chewed on lead-full toys).

They're safely strapped down in comfy car seats (we jumped freely up and down in the convertible. Pre-airbag era, might I add).

And now, adding insult to injury, they have colorful cauliflower! No fair! We only had the boring white stuff that our moms had to camouflage underneath cheese sauce. Kids nowadays get to eat beautiful shades such as saffron yellow, grasshopper green and stunning purple. And they have no idea it's good for them!

I hope you kids know how good you have it! Bet you don't know the value of a nickel either. <wink, wink>

Thank you, Letouj, for your beautiful and vibrant photo.



Greg Bulmash's picture

They may not know the worth of a nickel, but they can find out how much they're worth if they were worth their weight in nickels... or pretzels... or foie gras.

Just check out the calculators page at

Melanie D.'s picture

I never knew colorful cauliflower existed. I wonder how it tastes. Too bad, the cauliflower here only has the standard color.