Grilled Romaine Lettuce

July 10, 2008

Who ever thought of grilling lettuce? I certainly never had. I thought we only ate it in salads and on sandwiches and such. Shows how much this foodista knows!

The first time I had grilled Romaine lettuce was at the French Laundry, Thomas Keller's famous restaurant in Yountville, California. If memory serves, it was a called a Caesar salad, but what arrived was a tiny, perfectly grilled head of baby Romaine. Brilliant!

We decided to give it a try at home. Since our Romaine was "full-grown" we sliced it down the middle. Then, we sprayed it with olive oil, drizzled it with a good balsamic vinegar, and gingerly sprinkled with salt and pepper.

After grilling it for a few minutes on each side, we dug in. The result was was a beautiful "salad" that was sweet, tender and possessing the wonderful smokiness of the grill.



Rosebud's picture

Fabulous idea for a side summer salad. Beautiful photo, as usual.

pam's picture

My pal B says that if you really want to go over the top with your grilled Romaine, crumble a little blue cheese on it.

(We had grilled peaches for dessert last night. Viva la grill!)

Hanna's picture

Oh wow, I should really try this one. Sounds like something trrrrrific!

katy's picture

love it!!! gorgeous and delicious, does it get any better?

BicIndimi's picture

It's amazing

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