National Cheese Cake Day!

July 30, 2009

One my favorite guilty pleasures is a rich and decadent New York style cheese cake covered in fresh raspberries or tangy tart cherries all on top of a crumbly graham cracker crust. And since it just so happens to be national cheese cake day, I feel the need to over indulge!

Historically speaking there have been several versions of the cheese cake for centuries, but the original "New York style" cheese cake that has become a staple on restaurant menus nationwide is said to have originated in 1929 at the Turf restaurant on 49th and Broadway, when  restaurant owner Arnold Reuben tried to replicate an amazing cheese cake he had one night while dining at a friend's home.

Since then, several restaurants and bakeries all over New York have created their own spin on this historical dessert. Even though the classic version is pure and plain, a thousand and more variations have been created from banana cream pie, chocolate, Oreo and even key lime pie cheese cake. Thankfully for all of us cheese cake lovers, there are no rules against celebrating this creamy cake all year long and discovering new creations along the way.
Want to celebrate at home? Here is a recipe for New York's famous cake:

New York Cheesecake on Foodista

Above photo by Bloggyboulga.



Kitchen Hand Mixers's picture

I was looking for cheesecake recipes and saerching thru google I came to this webpage. I had no idea cheesecake had a national day, LOL! Thanks for the info. Cheesecake rocks!