London's Real Food Festival

May 3, 2011


London's Real Food Festival is celebrating their 4th year from the 5th-8th May 2011. This is not your average food festival, it extends well beyond food stalls. This is a time when people from all facets of food come together to share information. There will be chefs, gardeners, butchers, cheese makers and more. Some highlights include the famous Allen's of Mayfair butcher shop doing a butchery demo, a sheep show, and Chef Jamie Oliver will be releasing a new line of food products with partner Pride of Place.

This festival is a forum for the public and producers alike can come together and discuss the meaning of "real food." More specifically where our food comes from and who produces it. There will be a debate held this year and be recorded by BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme and will be hosted by Sheila Dillon. These issues become ever more important and the Real Food Festival is a step in the right direction.

Photo By: Ajith_chatie , amandabhslater