GM Toxins Found In Human Blood

May 22, 2011

A new study  out of Canada, found Bt toxins in human blood samples, including samples of newborn cord blood, an indication that the toxin is passed from mother to baby . 

Bt, a component of genetically modified crops, has long been dismissed as breaking down harmlessly in the digestive system. Now, the opposite has been shown to be true. 

The study of 30 pregnant and 39 non pregnant women, detected the Bt Cry1Ab toxin in 93% of maternal and 80% of fetal blood samples. 68% of non pregnant women tested positive as well. 

None of the women involved in the study worked or lived with a spouse who had contact with the toxin. They also consumed a typical Canadian (and American) diet, including GM corn, potatoes and soybeans. 

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